Personal SOS Locator


The most advanced personal locating device currently in use.

The personal SOS Locator consists of a built-in GPS antenna and the latest active GSM cellular transmitter, combined together to create a high-performance, high-tech and efficient device.
The personal SOS Locator is based on super-advanced, state-of-the-art technology and communication systems that allow you to stay in command at every emergency incident, while giving the person in need the confidence that he will be rescued in a short time.


Here are some of the main technical details:

  • Super small size –

     6.46cm (L) x 4.3cm (W) x 2.28cm (H)

  • Smallest GPS/GSM tracker in the world

  • Most up-to-date GPS SIRFIII technology inside

  • Battery life – 50 hours after fully charged (rechargeable)

  • SOS button for emergency use

  • Can be programmed to an auto hourly report

  • Support HTTP, TCP and UDP transmission

  • Light and portable – only 75 grams

  • User-friendly

  • GeoFence available


Additional benefits included:

  •  24/7 manned control room alert to your help

  • Standby armed rescue team within the Lagos area

  • Worldwide coverage within cellular reach boundaries

  • 1-year warranty

  • Can be used as a workforce management device for getting real-time location of your employees

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