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Seaports and Airports Security

With over 4,000 seaports across the globe, ports remain attractive targets for burglary and terrorist organisations. A strike on a large port facility could cripple a nation’s economy, impact world stock markets, and cause significant casualties and environmental damage.

This, together with a growing volume of freight and traffic, means that there is an increasing demand for astute, specialist security services. The challenge facing port operators is to find the optimal security plan that not only matches budget and operational requirements but also complies with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and other regulatory requirements.

For over a decade ASA has been working with customs, port authorities and port operators to deliver specialist security services to seaports across Nigeria

ASA works with its clients to find the right solution to complement their strategy, meeting both budgetary and compliance obligations. As a result, ASA has been responsible for the rollout of new security systems across Nigeria.
ASA offers a complete project management service, from consultation through to planning, design, and installation of security systems. Services include auditing and reviews of any existing systems, where a dedicated project manager will be tasked with evaluating the financial, operational, and contractual aspects of any project to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
From inception to completion, whether making improvements to existing equipment or implementing new systems, ASA will assist the client to maximize benefits by optimising the use of technology and existing infrastructure.


ASA secures commercial premises such as offices, factories, and laboratories. We design our services to suit each specific site and location and invest extensively in training schemes, equipping our staff with the tools to deliver top-quality customer service.

The security teams often hold front-line positions and are the first point of contact with the general public. We therefore select our staff for their professional and courteous manner, ensuring that our security agents are high-calibre, polite, articulate, and skilled professional individuals.

Our staff are trained to effectively foresee, prevent, or defuse potential incidents and to respond quickly in emergency situations. We can guarantee that security needs will be met whilst maintaining the highest level of customer service


Services offered include:

  • Operations setup: Recruitment and training of operational staff, writing manuals and security plans, developing procedures

  • Port and ship security assessments: Vulnerability assessments, security surveys and advice on counter-measures

  • Financial arrangements, including provision of equipment

  • Screening of people and their personal effects, crew and visitors, and at entry to port facilities when required; use of hand search, metal detectors, and X-ray machines, including advanced techniques

  • Monitoring of CCTV and intruder detection systems (e.g., Smart Fence), security patrolling

  • Manning of access control points to port facilities

  • Emergency planning, including crisis management and business continuity

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