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Security Vehicle Escorts Services


We supply reliable and effective security vehicle escort services and mobile security escort services for private and commercial vehicles, trucks, and cash-in-transit escort solutions nationwide, particularly within the Lagos area. Our vehicle security escort services are here to ensure your safe and secured arrival or delivery of your goods to the designated destination within the designated period without any difficulties or problems along the way. Our security escort services are available during the day or night, depending on your requirements and needs. Furthermore, our security escort services are made up of security guards who are extremely well-trained and experienced in the vehicle escorting service industry. 
How it works

  • Meeting the client at the base point

  • Escorting the client’s vehicles to the destination point

  • Preventing any security compromises to the client’s vehicles and passengers

  • Arriving safely to the destination point (on certain missions the escorting team will stay with the clients throughout the visit in the destination point)

  • Escorting client’s vehicles back to the base point

  • Optional: VIP guards that will escort you during your stay at the destination point

Escorting vehicle personnel

  • Supervisor – in charge of the mission, highly trained

  • 2 trained security guards

  • Driver – highly experienced graduate of a high-risk operational driving course

Escorting vehicle equipment

  • Siren and emergency security lights

  • Radio communication system

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Tracking device and panic button

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